Law and Order

Law in Galmora is kept by the Galmoran Guard, though they are more commonly referred to as Silver Guard or Silverbacks for the polished silver helms and ring-mail cloaks that they wear over their black armor. The Guard in each district is overseen by local captains stationed in the district’s precinct building.

Guardsman typically patrol in groups of two, though in rougher neighborhood they are often seen patrolling in force. They wear the finest in armor and equipment, provided to the city by Kirin Conglomerate, and are given a wide berth by locals. As a result, many neighborhoods are relatively crime free, though there are places where the guard has all but abandoned.

For the accused, justice is swift. For non-capital offenses witnessed by a guardsmen or scrying post, a guard patrol can take the defendant’s statement and render verdict on the spot. The accused may file an appeal, but most are denied. Serious offenses are presented to a jury, with a guard representative presenting evidence and the defense offering testimony. Once a judge has reached a verdict, his word is final and there are no further appeals. In theory. In practice, wealthy members of society are occasionally pardoned by a judge or council member in exchange for sufficient coin or favors.

Punishment ranges from fines and imprisonment for minor offenses, to hard labor and flogging for serious or repeat offenses. Death is not used as punishment except for the most serious of crimes, such as treason or multiple murders.

One peculiarity left over from the ancient legal foundations of Galmora is the existence of trial by combat. Rarely invoked, due to the scarcity of the death penalty, on the rare occasions when it occurs the entire city watches. Among guardsman it is considered a rare honor to be able to carry out justice in this fashion. Among the accused it is typically used as a platform to promote ones’ agenda before coming to a quick end at the hands of the guard. On the rare instance that the accused triumphs in the arena, they are granted a full pardon. However, it is often wise for the recently pardoned to seek a new life outside of Galmora. Despite being “officially” pardoned, the guard or even the civilian populace may seek additional restitution.

Law and Order

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